2023-11-01 awards

Mönchengladbach Central Library: Bartenbach's lighting concept makes renovated monument visible in the cityscape
From a classic library to a public place for education, networking, and exchange: For this transformation of the Mönchengladbach Central Library, the responsible Schrammel architects have not only changed and expanded the building structurally, but Bartenbach's innovative lighting concept also contributes to reviving the historic building from the 1960s – and making it an attractive meeting place in the Gladbach & Westend district. After a three-year renovation phase, the library, also known as Carl Brandt's House, reopened its doors and reading rooms in the summer of 2023.

2023-10-01 awards

Silvretta Therme Ischgl: A bright oasis of relaxation in the heart of the Alps
Artfully designed sauna landscapes, an adventure pool with jacuzzi and outdoor pools with a panoramic view of the Alps: Bartenbach has created a magical lighting ambience for the exclusive wellness oasis Silvretta Therme in Ischgl, which embeds the building perfectly in the alpine landscape. To achieve this, the Bartenbach team combines natural and artificial lighting elements to create a harmonious lighting concept – a consistent commitment to sustainable lighting design in an energy-saving building. The coordinated lighting concept seamlessly guides those seeking relaxation through the various rooms, promotes a feeling of calm and contributes to an unforgettable stay.

2023-09-20 awards

Award for markas headquarters project!
We had the honor to participate in the klimaaktiv building conference and award on September 19, 2023. The theme of the event: "Renovation and climate fit buildings for the future!"

2023-09-12 events

Together we shine even brighter!
Today we were able to celebrate our longstanding employees in a fitting manner. A special honor from the WKO and many heartfelt moments accompanied this festive occasion. Thank you for your years of loyalty - here's to many more shining years with you!

2023-09-05 new projects

Hanau City Library: Bartenbach and Schrammel Architects design inspiring reading rooms with light and colors
Flooded with intensely colorful and friendly light: The lighting design for the Hanau City Library shapes and underlines the character of this special cultural space. In collaboration with Schrammel Architects, Bartenbach creates a stimulating room atmosphere, a fascinating play of light and shadow that invites visitors to the city library to linger and discover. Light that stimulates reading and imagination: From artfully arranged downlights to innovative elements such as the "crystal-like" stair lights, Bartenbach has carefully designed every detail – not only for an inspiring aesthetic, but also for maximum functionality of the library rooms.

2023-08-29 events

A day full of insights, light and innovations is behind us!
A day full of insights, light and innovations is behind us! Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting the Radiance Workshop at Bartenbach. It was an inspiring opportunity to meet with talented professionals and enthusiasts from the world of lighting simulations.

2023-08-16 awards

Tradition meets innovation: The magical glow of the Schloss Gobelsburg Winery
Located in the picturesque vineyards of Lower Austria, the Schloss Gobelsburg winery is known not only for its excellent wines, but also for its rich history, dating back to 1171. In a bold fusion of the traditional and the forward-looking, the winery has teamed up with the renowned lighting design company Bartenbach. The result is a harmonious symbiosis between light, art, and wine, which allows the beauty of the historic buildings and the fascination of wine to shine in a whole new light.

2023-08-01 new projects

Always one step ahead with the premium service from Bartenbach Components!
Quality is our promise! With the Bartenbach Components Premium Service you get access to a variety of exclusive benefits:

2023-07-05 new projects

Reading and learning in the best light: Bartenbach's user-centered lighting for the Düsseldorf Library
More than 300,000 books and media, 600 workstations for students and apprentices, a café, a music studio and a separate children's and youth area: The Düsseldorf Central Library in the premises of the old post office building at the main train station is the size of two football pitches on top of each other - and offers space for numerous cultural activities and events. However, the sheer size of the building also results in little daylight. A challenge that the lighting designers met with a creative, human-centered concept – which is also particularly flexible and considers future possible uses.

2023-06-06 awards

We are pleased to announce that Bartenbach has been awarded the prestigious LichtKulturRat AWARD 2023 for the exceptional lighting design of the Uni Harvard project!
This prestigious award recognizes our commitment to innovation, creativity and excellence in lighting design. The Uni Harvard project exemplifies our expertise in developing intriguing and functional lighting solutions that enhance architectural beauty and the user experience.

2023-06-01 awards

Award-Winning lighting design: Austrian Green Planet Building Award 2023 for “markas Headquarters”
An innovative, V-shaped structure. A green garden level at a height of 14 meters, which is accessed by a spiral staircase, is connected to the canteen above. An open office concept with plenty of daylight and inspiring views of the South Tyrolean capital: The markas headquarters in Bolzano combines modern architecture and sustainable construction in the most beautiful way.

2023-05-16 awards

The Playce
More than just a shopping center: "The Playce" is the place to shop, enjoy, play and marvel at the Potsdamer Platz. In the heart of the capital, the former "Potsdamer Platz Arkaden" has been extensively revitalized and converted into a contemporary meeting place for shopping, gastronomy, entertainment, art and culture.Insert

2023-04-18 new projects

Inspiring & groundbreaking: light installation with letters
Letters, numbers and signs form the basis for successful communication. No wonder that a central eye-catcher in the Munich "House of Communication" is also dedicated to characters and symbols: at the headquarters of the Serviceplan Group, the world's largest owner-managed agency group for innovative communication, a unique light installation of oversized letters and pictograms welcomes visitors. Typographically developed by Büro Uebele, planned by the lighting specialists from Bartenbach and produced as a custom design by Projektleuchten GmbH. The idea of the light carpet as an orientation system came from the Übele office and could be implemented with our support.

2023-03-30 new projects

A daylight design with a shine effect
For Biogena World, a very special lighting solution was created from daylight and artificial light. Was created. Reflective elements give the entrance area a very special glow.

2022-12-09 awards

Project // Warm light for an atmospheric church interior
A sacred building in the neo-Romanesque style of the 19th century, large glass windows with minimal colouring that let in a lot of daylight: For the parish church of St. Johann Baptist in Neu-Ulm, Bartenbach implemented a lighting design that gives priority to natural daylight incidence and makes optimum use of it. At the same time, the lighting experts used artificial light, which gives the church a warm impression - like candlelight. This subtly emphasises the spatial effect and enhances the atmosphere. St. Johann Baptist was also the first church building that Bartenbach planned and implemented with variable colour temperatures.

2022-11-24 new projects

Project // SAB Bank, Leipzig
In the forest of pillars Next to Leipzig's main railway station, a forest of 251 columns of the Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB) stretches out in an irregular distribution. The grid of the arrangement shows a dense and at the same time diverging forest. The curved glass façade on the building blurs the boundary between outside and inside. The transparency of the envelope plays a major role and is reflected in the interior of the building. It radiates an integrated, technical solution and allows an open and light impression into the interior.

2022-10-10 new projects

Project // Hospitality and enjoyment in the best light
Sunlit vineyards and a breathtaking view of the South Tyrolean Alps: Hotel Castel combines hospitality, culinary delights and nature in a five-star ambience above Merano. The daylight and artificial lighting design for the building complex, which was renovated and sensitively supplemented in 2021, was penned by Bartenbach. One of the highlights - in the truest sense of the word - is the lighting concept for the hotel's own gourmet restaurant "Castel finedining".

2022-09-20 new projects

Project // An indoor riding arena becomes a stage
Where show jumping tournaments and horse dressage used to take place, theater, music and dance are now at home. The Alte Reithalle has become one of the venues of Bühne Aarau - and offers space for events and concerts of art and culture.

2022-08-15 new projects

Project // CCH Hamburg
The world's largest pendant luminaire weighing 1.2 tonnes - this eye-catcher presents the new Congress Center in Hamburg. With an art and daylight design, we should be able to complement this eye-catcher with basic lighting in the foyer.

2022-07-18 awards

PROJECT // Daylight dome for BMW research and innovation center
Daylight: Yes. Sun protection system: No. - Doesn't exist? You bet there is! The daylight dome in BMW's "FIZ Future" research and innovation center in Munich does not need any sun protection.

2022-05-17 new projects

Harvard University Building - with LEED Platinum building certification!
The building's green roofs and terraces improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions, and control stormwater runoff. The optimized façade also provides reduced cooling requirements in the summer. We are very proud that Bartenbach won the German Lighting Design Award 2023 in the category "International Project" with this project.

2022-01-10 new projects

The SolarHydrogen research project - A highly innovative LED light reactor for artificial photosynthesis.
Through cooperation of the Institute of General, Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry of the University of Innsbruck with the companies VF Services GmbH and Bartenbach GmbH, research was conducted on 3d metals (copper, nickel) coordinated with PNP ligands for artificial photosynthesis to be able to generate hydrogen directly with light. Highly engineered light sources and sophisticated gas measurements allow such systems to be perfectly optimized.

2021-09-17 awards

We are the Lighting Designer of the Year 2021
We are very pleased to have received the "Lighting Designer of the Year 2021" award. This award encourages us to continue to implement outstanding lighting solutions and to actively advance our philosophy of "noticeably better light".

2021-08-27 bulletin board

Eglo and Bartenbach: Lighting the world together
Eglo Director René Tiefenbacher is planning the international expansion of the Tirolean light planning company with Christian Bartenbach.

2021-05-05 bulletin board

A lighting concept with integrated systems.
Optimum light for the performance of the brightest minds of Bavaria.

2021-05-05 bulletin board

Safety takes place.
New research for more safety in the car tunnel.

2021-03-23 new projects

The best light for the best chocolate
Our lighting experts developed the light staging for the new, Lindt's avant-garde headquarters in Switzerland.

2021-03-23 new projects

The new high-end downlights for premium shops, hotels & gastronomy
RJR is the name of the new spectacular downlight components from Bartenbach. Three letters that you should remember because they represent a whole program.

2021-03-23 awards

5 Star Light for a dream apartment
This jewel in the memorial protected building was enhanced with the best light for every mood.

2020-11-01 bulletin board

Now it's official, and we're delighted to introduce two new colleagues. Our long-time colleague Frank Bunte has managed to bring two more top lighting specialists on board at Bartenbach. Hannah Hölzl and Mathijs Sommeijer are not based in Tyrol, but in Germany and the Netherlands.

2020-10-07 new projects

ALEJA Shopping-Center
Ljubljana is the settting for Bartenbach’s unique new lighting design in Slovenias’s most modern shopping center.

2020-10-07 awards

Bartenbach’s "Personal Table Light" (PTL) receives Best Product Award 2020
The future of human centric lighting has arrived. With patent pending, the PTL has the potential to transform workspace lighting.

2020-10-07 bulletin board

"Repro-light" - the European lighting industry on the way to a circular economy
The European research project "Repro-light" led by Bartenbach, which was completed at the end of September, had the aim of supporting the European lighting industry on its way to a more sustainable and competitive future.

2020-10-07 new projects

Quellenhof 5* Luxury Resort Passeier
An atmosphere of well-being at the Quellenhof Resort restaurant as a result of Bartenbach's “Artificial Window” innovation.

2020-09-24 events

Lange Nacht der Forschung goes online - vom 09.10. bis 31.12.2020
Bartenbach research & development ist mit einem digitalen Beitrag dabei - ab 9.10. online zu sehen.

2020-09-18 Press

Federal Minister Edtstadler visits Bartenbach
Visit of Minister Edtstalder at our office in Aldrans according to the slogan “Our Future - Rethinking the EU".

2020-08-20 events

Indoor Lighting and Occupants Well-Being
GreenRE's free Sustainability Webinar Series is back! Lighting experts Dr. Ratna from Malaysia and our lighting researcher Wilfried Pohl present the latest research results and strategies for optimizing indoor lighting.

2020-06-23 new projects

Reprolight consortium supplies intelligent optics
Bartenbach‘s interdisciplinary team this week announced the successful engineering of two unparalleled optic designs...

2020-05-28 awards

Repro-light Update
Repro-light Consortium Announce Intelligent Workspace Lighting Concept

2020-05-20 awards

Happy 90th birthday!
Professor Christian Bartenbach celebrates his 90th birthday today! The whole Bartenbach team congratulates him! 

2020-02-12 new projects

Paracelsusbad and Kurhaus Salzburg
After more than two years of construction the new Paracelsusbad prominently situated in the center of Salzburg’s Kurgarten has been completed...

2020-02-12 new projects

Hartmann Campus – Attic Development in Munich
Above the roofs of Munich, overlooking the Frauenkirche, Teamwerk Architekten planned the new Hartmann Campus, a place for encounters and exchange in the form of events...

2020-02-12 bulletin board

Light and Material
With the LED it is possible to create (almost) any desired lighting situation. Depending on the time of day and season, the use of the room and the desired atmosphere, different color...

2020-02-12 new projects

Update Bartenbach Components
There are again some innovations at Bartenbach Components. In order to adapt the LFO to facilitate the new CSP (Chip Scale Package) LED technology...

2020-02-11 awards

if DESIGN AWARD 2020 for the SPARK
The SPARK in cooperation with RIBAG has won the if DESIGN Award 2020! The 78-member jury was convinced by the innovative lighting technology and the outstanding design.

2020-01-02 awards

Award for the Building of the Year 2019
The adidas World of Sports-ARENA in Herzogenaurach in Germany was recently voted Building of the Year 2019...

2019-11-26 new projects

Bartenbach Lighting Design - Adidas Headquarters
Throw the old overboard and dare to try the new - this was the premise under which Bartenbach Lighting Design successfully implemented the desire for daylight-exposed workplaces and a multifunctional entrance area in the new adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach.

2019-11-14 bulletin board

More (day-)light
Even though Goethe, depending on the source, demanded a chamber pot at his deathbed or he simply complained about an uncomfortable couch [...], the desire for “more light” is probably the poet’s best-known quote.

2019-11-08 bulletin board

Innovative Lighting Solution at Hotel Lago
The Hotel Lago in Ulm has two restaurants. The "Treibgut" restaurant for casual dining and the gourmet restaurant "Seestern", which has been awarded a Michelin star.

2019-10-18 awards

Nomination *State Award for Innovation* 2020
The State Award for Innovation is the highest award of the Republic of Austria for an Austrian company and its employees ...

2019-09-05 exhibition

Bartenbach GmbH at LpS 2019 in Bregenz
This year again, Bartenbach will be part of the LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS) in Bregenz. The presentations will have their focus on the topic “light and health”...

2019-09-04 Presentations

Light and Health
How does light influence human health? It has been two decades ago, when the discovery of a new group of photoreceptors revealed some key processes of non-visual light effects...

2019-06-27 events

„Smart Luxe“ exciting experiments on light, energy and bionics
How does color come about? Is the tomato really red? Why are engineers interested in the compound eye of insects? These and many other questions on bionics, light and energy will be explored in the exhibition "Smart Luxe".

2019-04-29 Presentations

The Future Envelope 12: Conference on Building Envelopes
Presentation (20. & 21.5.2019 / Bolzano) NOI Techpark, via Volta 13/1, Bolzano (IT) “Visual comfort, well-being and health in daylit spaces” ppa. Mag. Wilfried Pohl, Director Research

2019-02-21 new projects

Results of the REPRO-LIGHT Survey:
Bartenbach research & development is coordinating the Repro-Light research project (www.repro-light.eu), which is funded with approximately 4.4 million euros as part of the EU's Horizon 2020 programme. The aim of the project is ...

2018-11-09 awards

*Staatspreis Patent (State Patent Prize) * for Prof. Christian Bartenbach
The Austrian Patent Office, together with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, awards the Staatspreis Patent (State Patent Prize) every two years ...

2018-09-18 awards

LPS/TiL Award Nomination
We are proud to be among the nominees for this year’s LPS/TiL Award with our Lightdisk. Experience the lightdisc first-hand on the LPS in Bregenz from 25. to 27. September.

2018-08-08 Presentations

Bartenbach GmbH at LpS 2018 and LiT 2018 in Bregenz
Bartenbach GmbH will be represented at this year's LED professional Symposium + Expo and at the Trends in Lighting conference in Bregenz, Austria. Furthermore, in the context of the LpS-Symposium and the “Trends in Lighting”-Forum Bartenbach employees will present different lectures.

2018-07-13 new projects

New Bond Adventure World at 3050 Meters
Since 12 July, James Bond fans can completely immerse themselves in the famous secret agent's film universe as well as have spectacular views of the Ötztal Alps.

2018-07-06 new projects

Rosenheim's new transfer hub
The impressive single-pitch roofs of the newly opened bus station in the Upper Bavarian city of Rosenheim also contain an innovative lighting and photovoltaic system.

2018-06-06 events

Tangible Utopia: Great Amber at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition
The Great Amber Concert Hall in Liepaja, Latvia is on display in the Time Space Existence exhibition in Palazzo Bembo in the context of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

2018-06-05 bulletin board

Repro-light: Questionnaire about modular LED luminaires of the future
Repro-light is an European research project that develops a modular luminaire that can be easily adapted to different (visual) requirements. In order to better understand the different requirements your opinion and feedback is important to us.

2018-06-04 events

Invitation: 8 June, Architekturtage 2018 - Light Moves Architecture!
Architekturtage 2018: Bartenbach would like to invite visitors to short presentations and guided tours of the Bartenbach World of Light as part of the program “A Guest of ...”.

2018-05-23 awards

Living for Light: Honorary Prize for Prof. Christian Bartenbach
The jury at the German Lighting Design Prize 2018 has honoured Professor Christian Bartenbach with an Honorary Prize for his life's work.

2018-05-15 awards

Austrian Green Planet Building Award for Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre
As part of the first awards ceremony of the Austrian Green Planet Building Award, the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates was honoured for being one of the most energy-efficient and ambitious buildings in the ...

2018-05-04 exhibition

Bartenbach at the Lightfair International in Chicago
From 8 to 10 May, Bartenbach GmbH will present its innovations at Bartenbach components at the Lightfair International in ...

2018-04-12 bulletin board

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2018-04-05 exhibition

Light + Building 18: Impressions from the Bartenbach stand
Over 220,000 visitors came to the Light + Building 2018. Both exhibitors and visitors were uniformly enthusiastic about the positive mood at the trade fair and the innovations on display. This enthusiasm was noticeable at...

2018-03-11 exhibition

Become a Bartenbach Partner!
Bartenbach will once again present its innovations at the Light + Building, the world´s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology. From 18 to 23 March please stop by at our stand A92 in Hall...

2018-03-07 exhibition

Daylight Plus: Innovative Daylight Control
Bartenbach will once again present its innovations at the Light + Building, the world´s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology. From 18 to 23 March please stop by at our stand A92 in Hall 3.0.

2018-03-07 exhibition

Innovations at Bartenbach components
Bartenbach will once again present its innovations at the Light + Building, the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology. From 18 to 23 March please stop by at our stand A92 in Hall 3.0. Exact...

2017-12-18 exhibition

Save this date: Bartenbach at the Light + Building 2018
In 2018 Bartenbach GmbH will once again have its own stand at the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology, Light + Building in Frankfurt. From 18 to 23 March please stop by at our stand A92 in...

2017-12-07 new projects

New light for the cathedral in Rottweil
After an extensive renovation the cathedral in Rottweil reopened on 3 December, just in time for Advent.

2017-09-30 awards

LILA 2017 Public Choice Award for the Nørreport Station
Copenhagen's Nørreport Station was awarded the LILA 2017 Public Choice Award at the Landezine-Live-Event in Ljubljana on 29 September.

2017-09-19 exhibition

Bartenbach GmbH at LpS 2017 and LiT 2017 in Bregenz
Bartenbach GmbH will be represented at this year's LED professional Symposium + Expo and at the Trends in Lighting conference in Bregenz, Austria.

2017-06-21 new projects

Daylight for the National Gallery of Ireland
In June the National Gallery of Ireland, located in the heart of Dublin, reopened to the public after extensive refurbishment.

2017-05-11 awards

German Lighting Design Award for Klubhaus St. Pauli
The Klubhaus St. Pauli at Hamburg’s Spielbudenplatz has won the German Lighting Design Award in the Presentation Category.

2017-03-23 awards

MIPIM Award 2017 for the Psychiatric Hospital in Slagelse
The MIPIM Awards are awarded as part of the world's leading real estate trade fair, which takes place annually in Cannes, France. The awards are presented to honour outstanding real estate projects from around the world.

2017-03-01 awards

A prize at the eAward 2017
At the end of February Bartenbach GmbH and its partners Zumtobel Lighting and the University of Innsbruck received a business award at the eAward 2017. The project DALEC - Light and Thermal Building Evaluation Tool was honoured...