Researching the effects of lighting

„Light is the medium of seeing and the soul. It affects
our rhythm of life, our m ood and ourability to perform.“

Prof. Dr. h.c. Christian Bartenbach

Thinking about light holistically is a matter of course at Bartenbach. The advantages of our way of working are particularly evident regarding the topic of Light and Health. The results of our research about the effects light has on human health are directly incorporated in our planning and product development. Amongst other things, we conduct research on the following topics:

  • The effect light has on humans
  • Light and health
  • Light and ageing
  • Light and the environment
  • Biodynamic light (e.g. in the office)
  • Visual perception (visual comfort, glare,
    colour discrimination, etc.)


Optical Design

Highly efficient, exact lighting control without any glare is our credo when developing optical systems. At the same time, we attach great importance to compact design. This is achieved through the use of optical components based on free-form surfaces. The reflector and lens surfaces have integrated micro-facets with complex free-form contours. This means that several, different colour LEDs can be located under one lens. This allows us to create lights that have exceptional light distribution and a precise cut-off.

  • Luminaires and product conception, optical developments
  • Analysis, strategy, development and maintenance
    of an optical portfolio
  • Optical calculations, optimisation and simulation
  • Free-form surface calculations (breaking and reflecting)
  • Microfaceting and microstructuring
  • Internal software development of free-form surface tools
  • Patented multicolour optics without a scattering structure
  • Photometric and thermal simulations
  • System optimisation and optimisation tools
  • Systems development for manufacturers
    of interior lighting systems
  • Prototypes with optically active surfaces
  • Workshops and training


Application Studies

Light plays an important role in many of the products that shape our everyday life, even if it is rarely the focus of our attention. The interiors of cars, buses and airplanes must be optimally illuminated in order to be comfortable and functional. Illuminated bathroom mirrors or the lights in extractor hoods may be inconspicuous, but nonetheless require the appropriate know-how. The best possible use of light helps to distinguish these products from similar ones on the market.

We develop innovative and individual solutions and product concepts. In doing so, we incorporate the latest findings from our research and development work in order to meet specific customer and market requirements. Our case studies provide a unique decision-making basis for further product development.

  • Product concepts
  • Perception and acceptance studies
  • Studies of form and function
  • Studies of materials and surfaces
  • Development of product requirement
    and specifications documents
  • Innovation initiatives
  • Light and space models


Daylight and buildings

Looking at a building holistically makes it possibly to significantly reduce energy requirements for artificial light, heating and cooling, and to significantly increase visual and thermal comfort. By precisely characterising the thermal properties of the façade, the potential of utilising daylight can be exploited in the best possible way. The individual needs of the users always have priority, and both the client and industry profit from a high degree of planning reliability.

  • Overall characterisation of daylighting systems
    (g-value, BSDF)
  • Coupled daylight, artificial light and
    thermal building simulations
  • Development of new daylighting solutions
  • Certifications and assessments
  • Monitoring


product development

  • Architecturally integrated product development
  • Product development for industrial clients
  • Case studies
  • Simulations
  • Prototype construction, functional samples,
    small series production
  • Network of industrial partners



  • Luminous flux and illuminance distribution
  • Goniophotometric measurement
  • Reflection, transmission, remission
  • Indicatrix and road surface measurement
  • Spatially resolved luminance distribution
  • Spectral distribution
  • Daylight and artificial light
  • Artificial sky


Expert Services and Appraisals

Bartenbach works as an expert in the field of daylight and artificial lighting technology, compliance with standards of planning and prepares expert opinions on issues of shading, tanning, glare, reflections and materiality and reflections.